No deposit = No meal prep. You must place an deposit prior to getting your meal preps. You will purchase the despoit before the order deadine and will pay your remaining balence in CASH ONLY on pick up day. 


If you order 5 preps the deposit is $25, if you order 10 meal preps the deposit is $50 and so on. If the deposit goes over $25 you will recieve a invoice requesting the rest of the money.


Failure to purchase the deposit will result in no orders being completed.


After adding the deposit to your cart, you will choose from the meals availabe and add up to 5 or more into your cart and place the order together. For example the deposit should be the only fee at charge, the meals shouldnt be charged to the cart because you will be paying remaining balence in person. 


Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Meal Prep Deposit (REQUIRED)

Excluding Sales Tax